Step 3: Using Your New Blog

If you haven’t installed WordPress yet be sure to return to step 2 first to learn how.

Once you’ve installed WordPress on your hosting account your just about ready go get started in the world of blogging. I’m going to show you the basic of getting started so you can start creating content correctly. In future steps I’ll show you how to customize and configure your blog.

Log In First

To begin with you’ll need to login to your blog. The admin panel is where you should go to get started each time you want to make changes. This is located at, (adjust according to your domain name). You’ll need to enter the details we chose in step 2, which will also have been emailed to you.

Don’t be alarmed at all the different options upon first login. It’s very straight forward. 


Changing Blog Title, Tagline & Date

Once you’ve logged in you’ll need to find, ‘Settings’ along the left hand menu. Clicking this will expand another set of options. The one we want is, ‘General.’ From here you can see the title, tagline and date fields. Be sure to change these to reflect your blog. Once your done you can click ‘Save’ down the bottom and view the changes by visting in your browser.

Writing Your First Post

Start by clicking, ‘Posts’ on the left menu and then you’ll see a few options including ‘All Posts, Categories, Add New and Tags.’ Start by clicking on ‘All Posts’ and you’ll see a draft post called ‘hello World!’ We don’t want this, so you can click on ‘Trash’ in red.

wordpress customize 1

Now you’ll see no posts on your blog. Click on ‘Add New’ at the top of the page to the left of Posts.

wordpress customize 2

You’ll now be taken to a page where you can create your new post. You’ve got two views here, a WordPress visual editor and a code view. Depending on your requirements you can use either but I recommend you use the visual one – where you type and you can see exactly what visitors will see.

wordpress customize 3

Start by adding a title, you’ll want to keep this to a minimum of 60 characters for better search engine optimization (coming in later tutorials).

Below you can add your content for the blog post. This is exactly like writing an essay or typing something in Microsoft Word.

If you’d like to add a picture, video or infographic to your post then you can click the ‘Add Media’ button and then select a file to upload. You can opt for browsing your computer directories or import a video from a url, i.e. or link. When you can see your image, click ‘Insert into post’ and your image will show up in your visual editor. You can then re-align this or make the image bigger/smaller by simply dragging and dropping.

wordpress customize 4

Lastly, click Publish and then your post will be active on your website. Visit and checkout your new blog post.

wordpress customize 5

What’s next?

Congratulations you’ve just created your very first article on your new blog.

Next we’ll help you make some design changes to your blog and add fancy features to make your blog more unique.

Advanced WordPress Training
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